• We specialise in clearing your mind by clearing your bedroom, office, garage, and every part of your home.

  • We can help with storage ideas, changing furniture around to create more space or just to create a change.

  • We offer a confidential service that is friendly but firm, imagine a really efficient friend who has a genuine passion for sorting and an eye for style, dedicated to you.


Everything will be taken away on the day.  This will leave you with a sense of relief and peace of mind.  Depending on the amount, an extra journey during the day may be necessary.

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House Moves


  • Start afresh in a clutter free environment

  • Don’t drag all your clutter to a new home, let us help you sort it first.

  • Downsizing can be very traumatic with lots of decisions to make, let us help.

  • Once you have moved, let us organise your new home, help with furniture placement, unpacking, and hanging pictures.

  • We offer a follow up service a few months later for all those bits you’re still not sure what to do with.

Wardrobe Sorting

  • So many of us wear the same things over and over but with our help your wardrobe will spring to life again and you will be amazed by your new accessible look.

  • We will be stern but kind, clothes that no longer suit you will be gone and all the outfits left will be placed on soft or wooden hangers and organised into colours, seasons or styles.

  • We will sort out all the shoes to be reheeled and the clothes and items to be mended.

  • This is an enjoyable experience, one which will leave you feeling liberated.


*Free Consultation

*£45.00 per hour . Rates will vary depending on location and amount of days required.

*Deposit required

*Areas covered:  Based in Northamptonshire/Oxfordshire but all areas considered.

*Travel Expenses will be discussed at the time of consultation and will vary with circumstances.

*Gift vouchers available - Treat a friend

A member of apdo-uk: The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (UK)


House Moves

  • Since the company started 15 years ago, our expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm for recycling and selling unwanted items on behalf of our clients has developed considerably.

  • Good quality items can be valued and sold, at auction, on Ebay, or at private sales.

  • A commission structure can be discussed during the consultation.

  • Alternatively, if a client requests everything must go to a particular charity, we will honour that.

Unwanted Items

Mobile: 07974 656 428 or Telephone: 01280 700161

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