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Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can

make all the difference.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by muddle and generally surrounded by too many things,  then a declutterer is what you need. It may be a particular room or that cupboard under the stairs, a heap of paperwork or your wardrobe with the proverbial ‘I don’t have anything to wear’.


Imagine having a good, efficient friend to take your hand and sort it all out. This is a real detox for the house leaving you feeling renewed and liberated to get on with your life.


It may just be a case of reconfiguring a room, re-styling, or changing furniture around.  A fresh eye can totally transfer the whole look and feeling, both practically and emotionally.


• Stressed by clutter?

• Feeling hemmed in?

• Overwhelmed by muddle?

• Downsizing your home?

• Bereaved?

• Divorced?

• Retired?

• Reorganising your life?

• Personal problems

The Decluttering Company will:

• Make your home a beautiful place to live in again

• Restore order and thus efficiency

• Let you regain control

• Give you feel an immense sense of liberation


Mobile: 07974 656 428 or Telephone: 01280 700161

[email protected]





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